Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Trading Signals LLC is a trading system research and development company that provides market analysis (via daily and weekly reports), technical analysis training videos, and trading signals to head funds, financial advisers and full- and part-time independent traders.

Trading Signals LLC is not an investment advisor; specific buy and sell commands are not offered. Our subscribers are provided with a list of very good trading set ups, but you ultimately have to make your own decisions.

There are two main components: 1) Daily reports published after the close Mon – Thurs, and a weekly report posted over the weekend. 2) Trading watchlist. Each watchlist item is offered in chart form with suggested entries, stops and targets along with a description of what we see.

In a typical week, 5-10 new set ups are posted over the weekend and a couple more scattered during the week as necessary and appropriate. You can’t possibly come close to trade them all. Pick the ones that fit your personality; pick the ones you like the best and ignore the others.

I am primarily future Sp500 Emini (/ES) daytrader and stock swing trader. For stock trading In an ideal world I’d hold longer, but ultimately the market environment dictates my holding time.

I have Slack Team group that discusses realtime market conditions. Sometime I announce my own trading. You are fully responsible for your own trading decisions.

We have montly trading log as record.

We are not an investment advisory firm and cannot technically give you advice, but I’m more than happy to give you my opinion. If you have a question, you ask in Slack team so others can see the Q&A. If you’re not comfortable with that, PM or send me an email.

You can cancel any time

Once the subscription begins, we do not offer refunds after first week.